Industry Groups



The construction industry has many unique needs.  We work with construction companies and we understand your business issues.

Construction |

Energy-Oil, Gas & Minerals


Marcellus Shale CoalitionFor years we have provided legal services to the oil, natural gas and coal industries and those providing services to energy companies.

Energy – Oil, Gas & Minerals |

Financial Institutions


Tucker Arensberg’s financial institutions practice applies its experience and understanding of finance to working with clients ranging from large national and super-regional banks to small and mid-sized community banks, trust companies, trust departments, mutual funds and brokerages.  We also represent commercial credit companies, leasing firms, investment banking firms and insurance companies and other non-bank lenders and financial services companies.

Financial Institutions |

Health Law / Health Info Technology


We have represented  healthcare clients since the 1970s and, as the practice of healthcare has become increasingly complex and more heavily regulated, we have expanded and developed our expertise as well.  

Health Law & Health Care IT |

Higher Education


The Higher Education Law group serves the unique needs of institutions of higher learning.

Higher Education |



Whether your company owns, develops or manages one or several hotels, you know the hospitality industry faces unique issues and needs attorneys who understand the industry. The Hospitality practice group at Tucker Arensberg understands your industry and your needs.

Hospitality |

Long Term Care


A large number of our clients are long term care facilities, so we are keenly aware of the many challenges facing these companies.  Ensuring resident safety and health (when it has become even harder to find, train and retain qualified staff,) financial belt-tightening, increased government oversight, uncertain funding, and ever-changing legal regulations are just some of the problems long term care organizations face every day.  

Long Term Care |



Manufacturing clients face a multitude of legal issues, many of which are unique to the industry.  We work with a large number of manufacturing companies and we can help you avoid legal problems and make daily operations flow more smoothly.

Manufacturing |

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


Municipal & School


It takes a special kind of attorney to represent municipalities and schools.  Our firm has served these clients for more than 30 years.

Municipal & School |

Real Estate- Transactions and Title Insurance


Whether you need an attorney to help you acquire land for development or to help you with buying a home, our experienced attorneys can help you navigate these complex transactions.

Real Estate | Real Estate Transactions and Title Insurance |



Technology companies have different needs based on where they are in their life cycle.  Our technology attorneys help our clients whether they are in a start-up or mature phase.

Technology |

Practice Groups

Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


Our experienced litigators are available to assist clients with a variety of arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution matters.

Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution |

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Creditors' Rights


The Insolvency and Creditors Rights Department advises, counsels and advocates for our clients in all manner of distressed situations across many industries.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights |

Business & Corporate


We work with businesses of all sizes, in most industries; helping them use the law to meet their business and personal objectives

Business & Corporate |

Employee Benefits/ERISA


One of the important ways companies distinguish themselves in attracting and retaining employees is by the quality of their benefits packages.  Knowing how important these benefits are to companies and their employees, it is essential that benefit programs be designed, implemented and administered in the best possible way.

Employee Benefit Plans/ERISA |



Understanding whether a property is a good investment or whether it is worthy of being collateral may depend on whether or not it has environmental issues.

Environmental |

Estates & Trusts


Everyone, from young people starting out, to business owners with significant wealth, needs to create a plan that ensures that the people and companies that depend on them will be protected if death or incapacity strikes.

Estates & Trusts |



When companies face a need to hire foreign workers, many turn to us for help; we bring years of experience in handling thousands of immigration matters for hundreds of clients.

Immigration |

Intellectual Property


Every business venture, regardless of its industry or the size of the company, has intellectual property that needs to be protected; we help protect this important corporate asset.

Intellectual Property |

Investment Management & Fiduciary Services


We are a one-stop shop for investment managers, advisors, brokers and financial institutions.

Investment Management & Fiduciary Services |

Labor & Employment


Managing employees begins even before you hire your first staff member; In some cases the relationship between employer and employee can become problematic.  When that happens, companies turn to to us for help.

Labor & Employment | Labor & Employment Litigation |



Sometimes litigation appears to be the only way to resolve a conflict.  And, whether filing the suit or defending against one, our clients can be confident that their attorneys will help them to the best possible outcome.

Litigation |

Mergers & Acquisitions


Whether a merger or acquisition is a once-in-a-lifetime event or part of a regular business strategy, our experienced attorneys can help you manage the many issues that arise in every transaction.

Mergers and Acquisitions |